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SOFWERX Internship


SOFWERX hosts many events, and sometimes I get to make logos for them! This is one of my favorites, and it ended up on a shirt!

National Donut Day

I took a short break from eating donuts on National Donut Day to design a few! To date, this is my favorite social media graphic that I've made for SOFWERX, but could just be biased towards the subject...

5G post

This is a graphic I designed to be posted on the SOFWERX instagram page announcing an upcoming event. I use the same layout for each new event post.

Geo Hack-N-Hunt

This is a logo I designed for a Geospatial scavenger hunt that was hosted by SOFWERX.

STEM Flyer

This is the front of a flyer I designed that SOFWERX distributes to High School students who could potentially be a part of their STEM program

Illicit Finance Logo

This is a logo I designed for a finance group organized by SOFWERX.

Innovation Post

This is one example of the types of social media graphics I create for SOFWERX.

Class Work


A recent assignment required me to create a design for a t-shirt that included a snack food and a pun/joke. My solution to this was sliders on a slide!

Icon Series

For a class project I was tasked with representing a task or process using only three custom made icons. As a die hard soft serve ice cream fan, it was an easy choice for a topic!


I recently learned how to do digital photo restorations, and I love it!

Inigo Calligram

This was a project for a design class that let me combine my two favorite things, fonts and The Princess Bride! Score!

Logo Ideas

This was an assignment to create logos for fake companies. I went for a cruise-line, a music venue, and a florist.

The UniversityofTampa

I co-founded a club on campus last year, so of course I had to make a logo for it!

Three Brothers Internship

Postcard Design
Folder Design
To see more or discuss possible work, let's talk >>
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